Welcome To Music Tarantula

This page is dedicated to up and coming artists so that you know which artists to watch out for. There is not  a specific genre for this it is simply dedicated to emerging artists. As we have just come off the back of the MPF festival (Read more about that here).

We have decided the theme for the artists to watch to begin with will be the punk rock scene. If you want to find out more about Manchester Punk Festival , please read more here . Also remember to visit our home page to sign up to a membership package so that you can connect with other musicians here 



Chewie are a band from  Ireland, formerly known as “Chewing on Tinfoil” but they changed the name but did not say why although it may seem self explanatory for some. However, there sound is not the audio equivalent to chewing on tin foil. They are a great punk band from Ireland and have collaborated with Stza from the band ‘Left Over Crack’ for the song “Just Like Me” Listen to more here.

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